A glance over Black Iron Horse bikes and which one suits you best

So, you have decided you want to make a change in the way you move around and land on a cargo bike, but don’t know how to choose the one for you? 

Fear not, here is our guide into what to consider and look for during your decision-making process. We offer a few basic models which differ in terms of size, function, aesthetics, speed or agility.  

Simple at it seems, there is also a lot of room for upgrades or modification so in order to make the right choice there are a few questions you must ask yourself:

Who is the bike for? 

Will you use it for cargo? Is it for a single person who will occasionally use it to drive someone else? Is it for parents? How many kids are we talking? All of this comes into the equation.

The basic rundown of our model line is simple:

The Pony was made with single riders or smaller families in mind. It can carry the rider and their cargo, and depending on the variation, another person, 1-3 children or your pet(s). 

The Polly is the larger sibling of the Pony, offering the same safety, maneuverability, and sustainably with even more possibilities. More cargo, pets and up to 6 children. Yes, you read that correctly – 6! 

Right side view of the Black Iron Horse OX cargo bike for commercial use

The Ox was created for professionals. It offers the toughness and reliability you need when carrying your work with you.

Now that you know this, it’s easier to get a general idea of the direction your bike-choosing should take. With this in mind, let’s get a little deeper into the details.  

You want to take your kids with you? 

So, you’re a parent. What you need is a bike that can get you to work, and the kids to school on time – safely and comfortably. If this rings a bell, the best choice is either a
Pony or a Polly. It just depends how many kids you have and how big they are. 

If you want to transport 1-2 smaller children, then Pony 2 is the bike for you. One more child can catch a ride simply by adding an extra seat within the box. This variation is the same as Pony 2 but with an added third seat, appropriately called Pony 3.


What if you have taller children but still want to keep your cargo bike as compact as possible? In that case, the Pony Family is a step in the right direction. By removing the bench and sitting on a cushion instead, taller passengers have extra leg room and are assured of a great fit and comfortable ride.

black iron horse ladcykel

*Pony in action

Big family? More space might just do the trick!

If all of this sounds good but you’re not sure if you’ll have enough extra space for family members, school bags, groceries and everything else that comes with being part of a big clan, then maybe you should investigate our Polly line. The Polly offers more space while keeping the same width as the
Pony, so you’ll have no trouble fitting through doorways or navigating cycle lanes.

*Polly 4 seating

Polly 2 was meant for 2 children and LOADS of cargo. It’s bigger cousin, Polly 4 can fit up to 4 children or a few adults – 150 kg of transport possibilities. We made this design to keep the family all on one bike.

*Polly with the child safety seat (also installable in the Pony line)

Insider tip: If you’re looking to transport more than two kids, you should probably go with a Polly. The extra space and comfort are unmatched. 

Finally, Polly 6 is the model that really puts carpooling to shame. With it, you can transport up to 6 children with no gas expenses and a minimal carbon footprint. This is the perfect bike for large groups such as daycares and schools, where keeping young children together on one bike is the safest, most efficient option. 

You’re a dog person? We got you covered.

Family often extends to further than its two-legged members. For this reason, we designed models dedicated to the possibility of taking your pets with you wherever you go. 

*Pony Dog boarding

First off, Pony Dog was created with simplicity and safety in mind. It offers compactness and a lower entry point with a straightforward latching door so that your furry friend can jump in and out easily. Within the box, you’ll find a comfy floor cushion and up to four leash anchors. Pony Dog is perfect for smaller pets, but bigger pups will fit all the same. 

If you’re set on providing your dog with the space and luxury it deserves, then there is little alternative to Polly Dog. It offers everything that that Pony Dog has – floor cushions, large door and leash anchors. But, with this model you get additional internal space and height of the box, while still keeping bike width the same. This is the ultimate way to bring your dog(s) whether they’re big or small and still have room for extra cargo! 

What about the working people? Can I take ALL my cargo with me? 

Don’t worry. We haven’t lost sight of where cargo bikes get their name from. We offer quite a few options when it comes to transporting your valuables.  

As before, let’s start with the Pony line. Pony Cargo is perfect your all your mid-weight cargo needs. It works great for moving around up to 120 kg and still keeps it compact and agile. The sleek design keeps you looking cool even if you just bought a year’s supply of toilet paper 😉 

*Peek into Pony Cargo

Second up is Polly Cargo. With it, we enter heavy-duty transport. Its large box made from 100% recycled plastic allows you to carry up to 408 liters in volume.  


Insider tip no. 2: If you want to carry a lot of stuff but you are huge on aesthetics, Pony and Polly Cargo are our most cargo-oriented models that still keep the sleek and urban design. 

Finally, we reached The Ox line. It was created for professionals who need their cargo bikes to be tough and reliable. We also envisioned this line to be versatile and open to imagination in ways that it can be used. We’ve seen everything – from ice cream shops on wheels, all the way to carpenter bikes.  

Ox – Lock Box features a strong aluminum box with a tough lockable lid that keeps up to 150 kg of cargo safe and sound from everyone but the keyholder!  

Next, Ox – No Box is the blank canvas open for your next project. You get a strong frame and all you need to do is fill it with whatever you want. A custom box, barbeque, huge speaker or a fridge – the possibilities are endless! 

he third, Ox – Open Box is an open–faced version of the Lock Box. The same carrying possibilities in a simpler package. Throw your things inside and get moving. Boxes on both bikes are customizable in terms of color or even your company logo in case you want to improve brand awareness.  

*Ox - No Box

*Ox - Open / Lock Box

If you are still not sure which bike will absolutely suit you best, don’t hesitate to write, call or even visit the shop and check the bikes in person. As a first step you can also check out our Instagram and Facebook and see our products in action!


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