Black Iron Horse Pony 2 with Panorama Rain Hood

Assemble Your Pony’s Panorama Rain Hood

A comprehensive guide to proper use


Black Iron Horse Pony 2 with Panorama Rain Hood


Bike In All Weather!Bulldog in Black Iron Horse Pony Dog Prototype

The weather is constantly changing in Denmark, from one minute to the next. From sunshine to wind to rain. We want to make sure you and your passengers are ready for whatever weather comes your way. That’s why we designed the transparent water- and windproof Panorama Hood for the Black Iron Horse Pony. The Panorama can accommodate your family and friends, human or otherwise.

Our cargo bike rain hood is constructed with Sunbrella® fabric, in the EU.  The transparent panels that make up the canopy will keep your passengers dry and warm, while still allowing them full visibility. And the handy conversation zipper allows you to pass snacks or chat with your passengers on the go.

Once you’ve got your Pony, there’s still a matter of making use of the accessories you’ve picked. Hopefully, if you’ve chosen the Pony cargo bike’s rain hood, you’ve managed to put it together. However if you are still struggling, we’ve put together both a video demonstration and a step-by-step list to help you along.  



How to Assemble Your Pony Panorama Hood:

  1. Thread metal frame through side window pieces.
  2. Push either end of the frame into the designated hole.
  3. Secure the window pieces to the box with turnlocks. Repeat for either side.
  4. Place the battery cover and secure it with turnlocks.
  5. Thread the metal crossbar into its two part fabric sheath. Button the two pieces together.
  6. Thread the metal crossbar up the rear sides of the metal frame, push the ends back into the holes.
  7. Velcro the battery cover to the metal frame.
  8. Lay the main hood piece over the frame.
  9. Match the zippers of the hood piece to both side window pieces.
  10. Secure the front to final turnlock when fully zipped.

If you need any further assistance with your bike or accessories, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to see the Panorama Hood and the Pony in action, along with updates on everything else we’ve been doing!

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