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PONY - leasing pris
POLLY - leasing pris

Would you like to experience the benefits of a cargo bike subscription?

Fill out the form, and we’ll get in touch with you. You’re also welcome to contact us directly on this phone number: 33313027 or send an email to: hello@blackironhorse.com

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General information

  1. When we have received a signed contract from you, we will send an email requesting registration for the MobilePay subscription.
    NB*(The contract is binding, therefore you only have the usual 14 days to cancel your purchase once you have signed, unless the bike is handed out and put into use, after which you can no longer regret).

  2. Once the MobilePay subscription is accepted, we will put the bike into production.

  3. When the bike is ready for delivery, you will be charged upfront for; leasing for the remainder of the month + setup fee + any additional equipment.

    1. The amount will be automatically deducted via the MobilePay agreement 2 days after the invoice date.

    2. You must ensure that your MobilePay is linked to an active payment card and that there are sufficient funds in the account.

  4. Your monthly leasing fee will then be billed in advance. The invoice will be sent on the first business day of the month, and the amount will be deducted 2 days after the invoice date.

You can always inquire about the current price of the cargo bike you have on subscription. At that specific time, an assessment of the used value will be made.

The cargo bike can travel 20 / 40 / 60 km on a full charge. This can be influenced by factors such as wind, load in the box, overall temperature, and the route you take. A full charge takes 4-6 hours.

The delivery time is 5-10 business days from the acceptance of the payment agreement.

The bike is suitable for heights ranging from approximately 150 to 205 cm.

Yes, you are allowed to ride outside the city on paths and roads that permit cycling.

All cargo bikes are equipped with a GPS so that both you as the user and we as the owner can see the location of the cargo bike. The GPS is hidden in the bike.

POLLY – 2, which is our large model with a bench and 5-point seatbelts for 2 children.

POLLY – FAMILY, which is our spacious model with cushions in the back and bottom, providing space for the entire family.

PONY – 2, which is our smaller model with a bench and 5-point seatbelts for 2 children.

PONY – FAMILY, which is our most compact model with cushions in the back and bottom, providing space for the entire family.

The cargo bike is delivered in available colors at that particular time. Therefore, you cannot choose the color yourself.

We offer ‘Cargo Bike Subscription’ – This means that you can have a subscription for your cargo bike, just like you might have for your phone plan. With a 6-month commitment. If you suddenly no longer need the cargo bike, you can return it after the binding period.


The insurance covers the cargo bike if it is stolen, provided the cargo bike is properly locked and secured. When the cargo bike is not in use, it must be securely locked to a sturdy stationary object.

The cargo bike is our property. Black Iron Horse must be informed immediately if the cargo bike is lost, report the theft to the police, and provide a copy of the police report to Black Iron Horse.

In the event of theft, damage, or loss, the user will be charged 2500 DKK.

You are required to take out proper liability insurance to have a subscription with us.

Secure it when not in use. Preferably hidden and fastened, possibly in a garage, bike room, or courtyard.

Payment & Subscription

As a starting point, we offer payment via Mobile Pay. If you wish to pay with VISA/MASTERCARD, a monthly billing fee of 15 DKK will be added.

It costs 3000 DKK as an activation fee regardless of which model you choose. The activation fee is non-refundable.

The subscriptions cost:

  • POLLY: 999 DKK/month.
  • PONY: 899 DKK/month.

Additional equipment, such as extra seats, can be purchased for a one-time fee paid along with the activation fee. You can see the individual accessory prices in the form when you order your subscription. These are non-refundable upon termination.

You are committed to your subscription for 6 months – meaning you can terminate it after the 5th month with 1 month’s notice.

If you wish to terminate your subscription, please write to hello@cykelabonnement.dk with your full name and customer number, along with the reason for your termination.

Write to us using the form on the contact page here: https://blackironhorse.com/en/contact

The cargo bike is not necessarily brand new but may be used. In such cases, Black Iron Horse guarantees that the wearing parts have at least 80% of their respective lifespan remaining.


The included service pertains to the general maintenance of the cargo bike. Not covered are wear and tear parts, as mentioned in the contract, meaning a puncture is not included. It is at your own cost.

The cargo bike should be serviced where you received it. In the case of, for example, a puncture, you may possibly have it repaired at your local bicycle shop.

Please note that if you replace the tube/tire with a product of lower quality, you will be charged for this when terminating your subscription.

Black Iron Horse performs maintenance and service on the cargo bike at no charge.

Service should be carried out after the cargo bike has covered 250 km, then at 2,000 km, and subsequently for every 1,000 km the cargo bike has traveled. If the aforementioned service intervals are not adhered to, there will be a fee upon submission.

When you have a subscription for a cargo bike with us, you must ensure that the cargo bike is always in a usable condition and is not subjected to further deterioration beyond that resulting from normal wear and tear.

Therefore, you are responsible for maintaining and replacing wear and tear parts on the cargo bike, including but not limited to:

Inner tubes
Brake pads
Brake oil
Brake disc

For example, you are responsible for covering the cost of any punctures you may have.”

Ready to set up your subscription agreement?

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