BLACK IRON HORSE fuses safety and craftsmanship with sustainability. All of our bicycles are produced and assembled in Denmark. The cargo box is molded from recycled plastic, because we want to make it easier for you to move around with a clear conscience.

With a bicycle from BLACK IRON HORSE you can transport yourself, your family and the heaviest of goods with minimal physical effort while making a sustainable choice that compromises neither comfort nor aesthetics.

Sustainability, Safety, and Danish Quality

We use 100% recycled plastics to create our cargo boxes. All BLACK IRON HORSE frames and cargo boxes are manufactured in Denmark, using materials sourced within Northern Europe, cutting down on transportation emissions while supporting the local economy.

Every bike we produce is assembled by our expert team in our Copenhagen workshop, ensuring that each and every bike meets our high safety and quality standards. We’ve developed distinct attention to detail and drive for perfection over 25 years of manufacturing cargo bikes.

Our Story

The name BLACK IRON HORSE is inspired by the 18th century tavern “Sorte Hest”, located right where our shop and workshop is now found. It is here that blacksmith Lars Leikier developed the original Sorte Jernhest cargo bike. Lars unveiled his innovative design to the world in 1998 after two years of development, offering revolutionary rear-wheel steering that allows up to 180 degree turns and unmatched stability. Thanks to Lars, maneuverability was no longer determined by the weight of the cargo.

Fast-forward to today, BLACK IRON HORSE has modernised the original design to make it as easy and safe to ride as possible.

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