Pure Pleasure

BLACK IRON HORSE is where sustainability, quality and smart design meet. We strive to produce the best cargo bikes on the market without compromising aesthetics. We go the extra mile to create simple functional designs that require minimal maintenance. With a bike from BLACK IRON HORSE getting around is gonna be pleasurable for both you and the environment.

Why choose a black iron horse cargo bike?


Danish quality


“A new paradigm of cargo bikes”

Simon Vincett,
RideOn Magazine

“If Apple designed an electric bicycle, it would be the MK1-E. From beautiful design to performance and state-of-the-art utility…”

Jacqui Boland,
Red Tricycle

“… the clean design, the thought-through features and the high-quality build, the MK1-E is still the benchmark of its niche…”

Sven Külpmann,

“The MK1-E handles superbly and is one piece of formidable technical design”

Lasse Skou Hauschildt,
Danish Cyclists’ Federation
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