The PONY – Urban Cargo is specially designed for light cargo and city transportation. The box is lined with a custom-built sheet, creating a durable platform for everything from groceries to work equipment. Cushions can be placed on the floor and back to allow for different passenger transportation needs such as a parent with a child or a dog!

We pride ourselves on sustainable production and maintaining the highest quality standards, so it only makes sense that our recycled plastic boxes, steel frames and hoods are all made in Denmark.

Come by our shop, see exactly where your new cargo bike will be assembled and take a relaxing test drive. We’re certain you’ll fall in love!

  • 5 internal gears
  • Shimano engine and electronic gearshift
  • Shimano battery (418Wh, 11.6Ah) with lock
  • Aluminum bottom in the box
  • Integrated light which is connected to our Shimano system.
  • Lock, screens and bell
  • Double-bottomed rims
  • Point-inhibiting tires from Schwalbe
  • Mechanical disc brakes and parking brake
  • Turns on the rear wheel
  • The bike automatically shifts to 1st gear when stopped
  • Leave in recycled plastic with double bench
  • Built-in step for entering the barn
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Hydraulic steering damper
  • The light is switched on at the touch of a button


The cargo bike comes as standard in black, but green and yellow colors can be purchased on the frame. If you have any questions, please contact us or your local dealer.


Front wheels: Mechanical Shimano disc brakes w / parking brake
Rear wheels: Mechanical Shimano disc brakes

Possibility of purchasing hydraulic brakes from Tektro.


20 “wheels with double-bottomed rims fitted with anti-puncture tires from Schwalbe.


Frame: 16 kg
Lad: 12 kg


Width: 86.5 cm
Length: 202 cm


150 kg + driver (max. 130 kg)

Stel og gaffel

Made of precision steel, primed and with impact-resistant powder coating


Recycled plastic.
Internal dimensions (cm): 89 x 66


Flat hood made of quality materials – sewn in Denmark


Headlights: Axa Compactline 20 E-bike
Taillights: Busch & Müller µ E

Elektrisk system

Motor: Shimano Steps E6100 (60 NM / 250 W)
Display: Shimano Steps SC-E6100
Battery: Shimano Steps 418Wh (36V, 11.6Ah)

Denne cykel er skabt til at transportere lettere varer i byen på en bæredygtig måde. Hvad end det er drikkevarer, catering eller værktøj, der skal fragtes. I stedet for sæder er kassen udstyret med en flad bund, der giver rigeligt med plads til varer og en flad kaleche, der sikrer beskyttelse af det der fragtes.
Samtidig har cyklen den unikke baghjulsstyring, som kendetegner cykler fra BLACK IRON HORSE. Baghjulsstyring er skabt til bykørsel. Med baghjulsstyring vender cyklen bedre end nogen anden cykel, da cyklen kan vende om sin egen akse. Når der drejes på styret, kræver det minimal indsats, hvilket gør det nemt at styre cyklen. Det sikrer en stabil kørsel, selv med tung last.

Med en bredde på 88 centimeter, er cyklen blandt de smalleste ladcykler på markedet. Det er en fordel, når der skal overhales på cykelstien, eller når cyklen skal parkeres i gården/skuret.

Baghjulsstyring giver også den fordel, at når der ikke skal drejes på forhjulene, vil cyklen blive endnu mere stabil, i takt med at vægten på ladet øges. Det vil dermed være en rar og tryg fornemmelse, når børnene eller varer opholder sig i laddet.

Sustainable profile and advertising
THE PONY URBAN CARGO will help strengthen companies’ sustainable DNA, as all our bicycles are designed, produced and installed in Denmark. We pick up most of our materials locally, and only the best can become part of our bikes. It is a priority for us to produce as close to our customers as possible – and not like many of our competitors in the Far East. The steel comes from Germany, Finland, Sweden or Norway, the frames are welded in Skive, our barn is melted and cast from 100% recycled plastic that has previously been used in Denmark.

THE PONY URBAN CARGO will thus function as an obvious sustainable advertising pillar for any brand with a sustainable agenda.

Quality and technology
We stick to producing our bikes in Denmark. Every single bike has thus been through our hands and we have ensured that everything is just as it should be.

Our bikes have been made of precision steel tubes for 25 years, and we will continue to do so. We know that steel lasts, because the first bicycles we made in the mid-90s still facilitate transport for families with children and traders.

THE PONY URBAN CARGO comes with what we believe is the best electric motor on the market: the Shimano E6100. The engine is a center engine, which means greater stability and better traction.
With the engine, however, we have had to compromise on local production as Shimano produces their engines in Japan. And we have done that for a reason. We are convinced that the Shimano system – from engine, over gears to brakes – is the best solution.
The Shimano system can be set to three levels, which determine how much the engine helps you. The engine provides 60 NM – which we guarantee will provide a great driving experience.
It is all controlled from a nice display, where you, among other things. can follow speed, gear and battery range.

The electronic gearshift is connected to the engine and the gearshift is easily controlled via two small buttons next to the handle. And to make it really simple, the bike automatically shifts down to 1st gear when the bike stops (eg at a traffic light).

THE PONY URBAN CARGO comes with two integrated headlights and a taillight. All lights are connected directly to our Shimano system, and turn on at the touch of a button.
The headlights are from Axa, and light up with 20 lux. They can thus shine 40 meters forward and can be seen at a distance of 2,500 meters. The rear light is discreetly located at the end of the upper tube, and is from German Busch & Müller. It is the smallest lamp that is approved for use on roads and, despite its size, is absolutely incredible.

Tailored to your needs
We are always open to dialogue and are happy to talk about special wishes for the bikes. As a small local company, we have the opportunity to be responsive and adapt the bikes. We work every day to find the best solutions for a better environment and a sustainable future – also for other companies. Among other things, we have delivered and built commercial and special bikes for HOFOR and Rema1000. Contact us if you have a good idea or special wishes for your next business bike.


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