The bikes

All of our bikes are a product of our many years of experience, and are manufactured using only the best possible materials – in accordance with our commitment to the environment, safety and quality. We strive to produce the best bikes on the market – also when it comes to maintenance.

3 models

The rear-wheel drive reinvented. We have created the ultimate urban cargo bike based on our extensive experience. The bicycle is produced with a focus on sustainability, design and the best electric motor on the market in our opinion.

Outr original rear-wheel driven cargo bike. This bike has proven its worth through the last 25 years, and is a regular feature on the streets of Copenhagen. Quite possibly the most solid and spacious cargo bike on the market.

The iconic bicycle created by Lars Leikier, known for its timeless design. The bicycles unique fork is inspired by the motorcycles of the 1950s. The frame is still handmade in our workshop in Vesterbro.

Why choos black iron horse

The bike is designed, produced and assembled in Denmark using sustainable materials.

The unique rear-wheel drive makes the Black Iron Horse cargo bike ideal for urban environments.

The bike can make 180 degree turns around its own axis.

The bike is very easy to control - also for grandparents.

The bike is very spacious despite being one of the smallest cargo bikes on the market.

Extremely stable - even with a heavy loaded cargo box.

Maybe the best e-motor on the market: Shimano Steps 6100.

Extremely viable. Bikes that we sold in 1998 are still driving around on the streets of Denmark, making it easy for families, businesses and others to get around.

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