Are you a family with three or more children that wants to go on adventure? Or a daycare that needs a flexible means of transport? Then THE OX 6 is the obvious choice.

Perfect for the larger family or the day care
With room for up to 6 children who are all able to see in the driving direction, on each other and on the driver of the bike, THE OX 6 is perfect for going on adventures. In addition, the bike has a doorway in the box at the front which makes it easy for the children to get in the bike themselves. It can be closed with handles. There is plenty of space for luggage below the seats during the ride. At the same time, THE OX 6 has the unique rear-wheel drive, which is a key feature on all bikes from BLACK IRON HORSE.
The rear-wheel drive is made for urban environments. The rear-wheel drive ensures better control than any other bicycle, since the bike can turn around its own axis. Controlling the handlebars require minimum effort, which makes it easy to control the bicycle. It ensures a stable ride, even with heavy loads.

The rear-wheel drive also ensures stability to the bicycle since the front wheels remain stable even with a heavy loaded cargo box. It will therefore be a nice and safe feeling when the children is in the cargo box. THE OX 6 does not tilt when you step into the cargo box, because we have centered the front wheels under the cargo itself – while the wheels are fixed. Furthermore, we have a parking brake (handbrake), which allows you to ‘lock’ the bike while the children get in and out without the bike moving.

Safety and comfort
We will keep producing our bicycles in Denmark. Every bike has come through the workshop ensuring that everything has been tried and tested before our bikes hit the road.

Our bikes have been produced from precision steel tubes for 25 years and this is not about to change. We know that steel is solid, because the first bikes we produced in the mid-1990s are still out there making transportation easy for both families and businesses.

THE OX 6 comes equipped with what we believe to be the best electric motor on the market: Shimano E6100. The motor is a centermotor, which means more stability and greater power. The motor is manufactured in Japan, but here we have chosen to compromise on our commitment to sourcing local parts. We have done this for one reason only. Because we believe that the Shimano e-bike system – from the motor, to the gears, to the brakes – are the best solution.

The Shimano system has three settings determining how much the motor is gonna help the driver. The motor delivers 60NM and we guarantee it will give you a fantastic cycling experience. Everything is controlled from the display, where you are able to track speed, gears, and the reach of the battery.

The electronic gears are linked to the motor, and switching gears is easy thanks to the small buttons next to the handle. And to make everything super simple, the bike will automatically switch to first gear when it comes to a full stop.

THE OX 6 is delivered with two integrated front lights and one rear light. All lights are linked directly to the Shimano system, and are easily switched on with the click of a button. The front lights deliver 20 lux and are manufactured by Axa. This makes them able to reach as much as 40 metres ahead, and visible at a distance of up to 2500 metres. The rear light, manufactured by Busch & Müller, is discreetly installed in the end of the upper tube. It is the smallest rear light approved for use in traffic, and contrary to its limited size has an impressive reach.


The OX – 6 is built for larger families, daycares, kindergartens and more! With a capacity of up to 175 kg and our rear-wheel steering design you can transport up to 6 children with ease. Plus, The OX – 6 is the same width as The PONY (really!) so doorways and narrow passages are no trouble at all.

We pride ourselves on sustainable production and maintaining the highest quality standards, so it only makes sense that the boxes, steel frames and covers are all made in Denmark.

Come by our shop, see exactly where your new cargo bike will be assembled and take a relaxing test drive. We’re certain you’ll fall in love!


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  • 5 internal gears
  • Shimano motor and electronic gearbox
  • Shimano battery (418Wh, 11,6 ah) with lock
  • Double seats fitting 2 x 3 children,  equipped with 6 five-point seats
  • Integrated lights, linked to the Shimano system
  • Lock, mudguards and bell
  • Double walled rims
  • Puncture-resistant tires from Schwalbe
  • Mechanical disc brakes and parking brake (Hydraulic possible as add on)
  • Turns on the rear wheel
  • Bike will automatically switch to first gear at a full stop
  • Cargo box made from aluminium
  • Easy access to the cargo box with a door
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Hydraulic bicycle stabilizer
  • Button controlled front and rear lights
  • Space underneath the seats for luggage


The bicycles are manufactured in Graphite Black.


Front wheel: Mechanical Shimano disc brakes w/ parking brake
Rear wheel: Mechanical Shimano disc brakes

(Hydraulic possible as add on)


20’’ wheels with double walled rims equipped with puncture-resistant Schwalbe-tires


Frame: 12 kg
Cargo box: 15 kg


Width: 88 cm (91 with hood)
Length: 202 cm


175 kg + driver (max 110)

Stel og gaffel

Made from precision​ ​steel covered with impact resistant powder coating




Panorama hood made from Sunbrella© with large windows


Front lights: Axa Compactline 20 E-bike
Rear lights: Busch & Muller μ E

Elektrisk system

Motor: Shimano Steps E6100 (60 NM / 250 W)
Display: Shimano Steps SC-E6100
Battery: Shimano Steps 418Wh (36V, 11.6Ah)

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