The rear-wheel drive is made for urban environments. The rear-wheel drive ensures better control than any other bicycle, since the bike can turn around its own axis. Controlling the handlebars require minimum effort, which makes it easy – especially for grandparents – to control the bicycle.

A total width of 82 cm makes The Original Iron Horse among the most slender cargo bikes on the market, making it easy to pass other cyclists in traffic and easy to park.
The rear-wheel drive also ensures stability to the bicycle, since the front wheels remain stable while driving, even with a heavy loaded cargo box – making the kids safe and you feeling good.

Our cargo box made from aluminum is probably the most durable on the market. It doesn’t rust, its stable and it’s sturdy. The cargo box has seating for three children and can be equipped with three-point seat belts. For maximum comfort we also offer a fitted mattress to be installed in the bottom of the cargo box.

We design, assemble and test our bikes in Denmark, and the frame is always constructed in Europe. Every bike has come through the workshop, ensuring that everything has been tried and tested before our bikes hit the road.

Our bikes have been produced from precision steel tubes for 25 years, and this is not about to change. We know that steel is solid, because the first bikes we produced in the mid-1990s are still out there, making it easy to get around for both families and businesses.

The Original Iron Horse

The heart and soul of all BLACK IRON HORSE cargo bikes.


  • 7 internal gears
  • Aluminum cargo box
  • Reelight magnetic lights
  • Lock, mudguards and bell
  • Double walled rims
  • Puncture-resistant tires from Schwalbe
  • 3 brake systems including mechanical disc brake and foot brake
  • Uses the rear wheel to turn
  • Easy access to the cargo box
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Hydraulic bicycle stabilizer
  • Very spacious cargo box


Ask for colors ! Standard is Graphite Black.


20’’ wheels with double walled rims equipped with puncture-resistant Schwalbe-tires


Frame, cargo box and components: 38 kg


Width: 85 cm
Length: 210 cm


150 kg + driver (MAX 130 kg)

Stel og gaffel

Made from precision steel covered with impact resistant powder coating


Inner measurements (cm): 95 X 67


Hood made from Sunbrella©


Front lights: Reelight magnetic lights
Rear lights: Reelight magnetic lights

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