Our vision

At Black Iron Horse we fuse safety and craftsmanship with sustainability. All of our bicycles are produced and assembled in Denmark. The cargo box is molded from recycled plastic, because we want to make it easier for you to move around with a clear conscience.

With a bicycle from Black Iron Horse you can transport yourself, your family and the heaviest of goods with minimal physical effort while making a sustainable choice that does not compromise neither comfort nor aesthetics.


Black Iron Horse makes it comfortable to be climate friendly. Our unique rear-wheel control system makes maneuvering in confined spaces easy as pie, and the bikes are constructed in strict compliance with our dedication to safety and sustainability.
It is our priority to produce our bikes as close as possible to our customers. We want to be local. That’s why our frames, our cargo boxes and our hoods are produced in Denmark. Furthermore our cargo boxes and our seats are produced from recycled plastic in cooperation with Aage Vestergaard Larsen and Dansk Rotations Plastic. But we’re far from done, and we will continue our search for sustainable alternatives to conventional bicycle production.


Safety is of course essential when transporting ourselves and often the most precious thing we have – our children. That is why every aspect of our bikes are made in compliance with comfort and safety. All of our bicycles come with three-point seat belts installed. We furthermore offer safe seating solutions for babies aged 2 months and older.

Our bicycle frame has proven its worth throughout the last 25 years. Still, on our new models, we have chosen to further strengthen our bikes by installing an extra steel frame around the cargo box, without increasing the total weight of our bikes. This is to ensure extra protection for children in case of a collision.

All our bikes come with mechanical disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. You will have no problem bringing the bike to a stop. Not even at high speeds with a heavy cargo. Are you looking to bring your bike to an even quicker stop we also offer hydraulic disc brakes.

Danish quality

All of our bicycles are designed in Denmark. We source the majority of our materials locally, and only materials of the highest possible quality make it onto our bikes. The iron come from Germany, Finland, Sweden or Norway. Our frames are welded in Skive, the cargo boxes are melted and molded from recycled plastic in Zealand, and all of our bikes are assembled at our workshop in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
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